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Opragon Digital Services – the Safer and Smarter OR

With the high-security Opragon Online, data from your installation is collected and analyzed to support you with infection prevention and efficient operations. 

Advanced data analytics of real-time and historical data provides valuable insights and understanding of the indoor air quality and as a result the healthcare quality. Opragon Online digital services save you time and ensures that the Opragon system is functioning optimally 24/7 in your medical facility.

Three levels of digital services are available to provide increasing opportunities for improvement. Read more about them here.  

Download the Opragon Online product sheet here.

Avidicare Original Services – full support

Avidicare has an extensive portfolio with services which includes:

Educational Services

Provide training of how the Opragon system works and how the risk of airborne infections can be reduced, through the combination of technology and behavior. The service also include training in the use of Opragon Online as well as other customized and tailored training.

Development Services

Help you to optimally integrate the Opragon system into the critical rooms of your medical facility as well as specific customizations of the digital services. We know that all buildings and customers are unique!

Maintenance Services

Ensure that the Opragon system is functioning optimally. Any high performing ventilation system requires regular maintenance to ensure continuous, optimal, and long-lasting functionality. Avidicare and our international partners offer effective and reliable services to guarantee ultra-clean air and the highest degree of patient safety in your operating theatres. Our maintenance services are flexible and can be requested on demand or delivered at regular intervals tailored to your needs.

System inspection
Our system inspection aims to generate a comprehensive status report of your ventilation system. We measure air flow, air pressure, temperature, and other vital parameters that are necessary to ensure ultra-clean air and the highest patient safety. All filters are inspected and tested. This service provides you with a thorough status report of your ventilation system to reveal deviations that can be adjusted swiftly.

Microbiological (CFU) measurement
Our highly trained measurement staff will measure bacterial levels in the air during live surgery at critical and infection sensitive locations in the operating theatre. Microbiological (CFU) measurement is the best test method to ensure that you have ultra-clean air in your operating theatres during surgery.

Filter- and air shower replacement and testing
We ensure that filters and airshowers are replaced at necessary intervals, and quality tested to ensure ultra-clean air in the operating theatre.

Download the Maintenance service product sheet here.

Want to know more?

The service offering is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Please contact us for more details.