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Easy installation, customizable for any space and building

The Opragon system has a flexible design that is tailor-made for each installation. The minimum space requirement between the structural and false ceilings is 30 cm (approx. 12 inches), which allows for installations in rooms with limited space in both new and refurbished units. This makes it easy to integrate with other parts of the OR design and any building constraints. 

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Architects and hospital designers

The architects and hospital designers are vital stakeholders in the planning phase of new and renovated hospitals. Their knowledge on how the hospital processes work and can be implemented in practise are very valuable. We have established relationships with such hospital-focused architectural firms in both Europe and North America.  

System integrators & modular solutions

Many system integrators and modular design companies offer complete ORs as a “plug-in solution” including pre-fabricated parts as well as installation on site.  Opragon can be a perfect part making such solutions uniquely attractive to both customers and partners:

  • maximum space efficiency since the whole room is ultra-clean, 
  • lowest energy use for any ultraclean system, which saves space and weigh of the HVAC system including its duct work

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Compliance with clean air standards

Achieving ultra-clean conditions in the whole room (ISO 5 throughout the room and less than 10 cfu/m3 during surgery), Opragon complies with or exceeds most international clean air standards for operating rooms. While many are written specifically for LAF systems, most allow for improved solutions that can demonstrate meeting the intent of the standard. Some also offer performance validation (ie measurement of airborne bacteria levels during on-going surgery) as a means of demonstrating compliance. Talk to our experts to get support in showing compliance in your project.

Example 1 – Peritus Cancer Clinic (2020)

Opragon, a superior ventilation system for healthcare, is a great solution for operating rooms for infection sensitive surgery, such as cancer treatments and orthopedics. The installation is highly flexible and provides ultra-clean air in the whole operating theater.

The installation of Opragon at the Peritus Clinic is customized to the building, as the clinic’s premises have previously been offices. The flexibility of Opragon, with the opportunity to customize each installation to an existing building, makes is possible to install the TcAF system with as little as 30 cm between ceiling and false roof. However, In this case not even 30cm was available. The solution was to divide the Opragon Into two parts; the upper plenum part was mounted on the floor above the operating room and just the lower part of the Opragon was mounted Inside the room. Special halfdome airshowers were also used to further reduce the required ceiling space. The solution has been successfully validated with both technical and microbial tests during use. 

If the ceiling height is very constrained, Opragon can be split into halves!

Example 2 – Rijnstate Hospital (2020)

Note how parts of the Opragon is raised to avoid collision with the C-arm. Unidirectional airflow is still intact!

The request of the clinical specialists to combine the highest level in image guided systems with the highest level of hygiene initially seemed impossible to meet.

Leading words that were used in the request were: bright, large, comfortable, highest level in hygiene and flexible working space. As this particular Opragon was specifically designed to be combined with Philips, some confirmation as to the functionality of the system was needed. Innovation was a prerequisite for the entire new operating wing. So by creative thinking and implementing changes, we succeeded to integrate the two systems.

Since many years Avidicare works closely to the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, (KTH) and especially regarding using their computer fluid dynamics, (CFD) simulations. These simulations confirmed the functionality of the system and a positive decision was made to go ahead with the project.

The result is the perfect integration between the highest level in image guided therapy systems with ultra-clean air in hybrid operating theaters. The hybrid operating theater has comfortable working environment, and a flexible working space, since the whole room is ultra-clean despite all equipment. 

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