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Opragon In-a-Box for small surgery rooms

Easy to install and operate anywhere

Opragon In-a-Box is a unique healthcare ventilation system for small surgery rooms. The permanently mounted system creates an ultra-clean zone for infection sensitive surgery. Opragon In-a-Box is ideal for advanced oral, eye and plastic surgery as well as ultra-clean preparation of pharmaceuticals and instruments. Upgrade your existing operating rooms, even larger ones, that have limitations on amount of air that can be supplied or where space is severely limited. Possible to install even in office buildings, and an optional cooling unit can be added if facility lacks cooling water supply. Opragon In-a-Box is CE certified and is currently available in European markets.

Download the product sheet for Opragon In-a-Box here.

Our customers

Today, there are more than 350 Opragon installations at leading academic hospitals and specialist clinics in Europe and in the United States. Customer satisfaction is very high and most customers even welcome visitors to share their experiences of Avidicare and the Opragon system.

We can tell you more

The Avidicare team is open to presentation and in-depth discussion on how the Opragon In-a-Box system can make a difference for both patients and hospital staff.