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Our customers

Today, there are more than 350 Opragon installations at leading academic hospitals and specialist clinics in Europe and in the United States. Customer satisfaction is very high and most customers even welcome visitors to share their experiences of Avidicare and the Opragon system. Please contact us at Avidicare if you want us to organize a visit with your own team.

Sint Maartenskliniek, the Netherlands

The official opening of the new wing of the Sint Maartens clinic in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, took place on 8 November 2019. The specialized orthopedic hospital uses technical innovations in its new building to give patients control over their health – physically, socially and emotionally. This is done in a super modern OR complex and in a spacious rehabilitation wing. Characteristic of the entire new building is the connection with nature around the clinic. There are windows everywhere, so the daylight shines everywhere. Even in the operating rooms. With this new building, the clinic is ready to improve on its already world-class rating within orthopedics.

Construction facts

  • Number of ORs and instrument preparation rooms: 7 ORs and 7 instrument preparation rooms
  • System operational since: 8 November 2019
  • Construction partners: Care builders, crous
  • Installation company: Unica
  • Project management: D2 ontwikkelling, Avidicare (operation ventilation) and SMK hospital project team

“SMK has chosen Opragon for all operating rooms in the new building because the system maintains optimal air quality in the whole operating room during the entire surgical process. The system allows us to place the sterile instruments more flexibly in the operating room, which gives the added benefit that the system is safer for the patient and more comfortable for the people who work there. The system is less cold and noise is reduced dramatically. This, along with the freedom of placement of equipment and instruments that never existed before, creates a calm environment where we as professionals can focus optimally on our work.

– Dr Koen Defoort, Orthopedic surgeon, and Dr Edgar Kaasschieter, Anesthesiologist at SMK

URMC Rochester, New York, USA

Residents of the greater Rochester area now have access to one of the most advanced ambulatory surgical centers in the country. The University of Rochester Medical Center facility was designed with the highest level of safety and comfort in mind. It is the first healthcare system in the U.S. to employ the Opragon, a novel operating room ventilation system.

When URMC in Rochester, NY, faced the construction of a new surgical center, they chose to equip one of eight operating theaters with the energy-efficient and innovative Opragon system.

The surgeons have a strong preference for this room as it is one of the quietest and most comfortable OR’s they have worked in. Before final HEPA certification, we pre-tested each room. Our independent certification process showed the Opragon room was equal to an ISO 5 clean room without performing any terminal cleaning or requiring the staff to wear protective clothing. This is a testament to the physics of design in the Opragon ultra-clean delivery system.

– Mark Schwartz, CHFM, CHC, Director of University Facilities and Operations for URMC

Flevo Hospital, the Netherlands

Following the rapid growth of the city of Almere, the centrally located Flevo hospital initiated a total renovation of its operating complex. Opragon was selected for their operating rooms since it ensures ultra-clean conditions that minimize the risk of infection. It is also very silent and comfortable for the surgical team, while allowing for unique flexibility of the procedures inside the operating room since even the periphery of the operating room is kept ultra-clean. 

“We chose Opragon because it is silent, very comfortable and it allows us to plan the work in the operating room with more flexibility”.

– Joke Wimenga, project director and head of technical services at the Flevo Hospital 

Construction facts

  • Number of ORs and instrument preparation rooms: 4 ORs and 4 instrument preparation rooms
  • System operational since: December 2018
  • Construction partners: Van Wijnen
  • Installation company: Van Galen
  • Project management: Avidicare/Medexs and Flevo hospital project team

Saint Paraskeva Medical Center, Ukraine

Construction facts:

  • OR room size: 37 m2 
  • Ventilation: Ultra-clean Opragon 8 with 8 external airshowers and four low corner exhaust
  • System operational since: August 2023
  • Construction partner: LeoCon Group UA

The clinic aims to provide its patients with the best possible care, and by choosing Opragon, they minimize the risk of airborne infections for both patients and staff. In addition to making the environment in the operating room safer with Opragon, the unique ventilation system contributes to a more pleasant working environment with minimal drafts and lower noise. Complex surgical procedures that require a lot of focus and concentration from the medical staff must be performed safely and without the staff experiencing fatigue. 

Being Ukrainian Engineering & Production company we create and deliver to our customers the most innovative and advanced solutions and technologies for clean rooms in health care sector. All our values are concentrated and based on the preservation of human life. Every product we produce reflects our commitment to achieving better clinical results, patient`s safety during their staying in clinic. That is why we have chosen Opragon© technology, knowing that it establishes and meets all the criteria for modern OP-room.      

– LeoCon Group UA

Clinica Luganese Moncucco, Lugano, Switzerland

Clinica Luganese Moncucco is a non-profit acute private health institution situated in the beautiful city of Lugano. The clinic is working continuously to adapt to the needs of the times and to evolve with them, paying special attention to technical and scientific progress. They chose the Opragon 8 system for their operating rooms in a new construction in 2018. This is the first Opragon installation in Switzerland.

Construction facts

  • Number of ORs and instrument preparation rooms: Totally 4 OR, all equipped with Opragon
  • System operational since: July 2018
  • Construction partners: Tech-Insta SA, Taverene
  • Architect: Medplan Engineering AG, Schaffhausen
  • Consultant(s): Siemens SvizzeraSA, Camorino
  • Project management: Visan iRusconi Taller iSA, Taverene
  • Medical device partner: KLS Martin, Getinge/Maquet, Integromed GmbH

Two main reasons for choosing Avidicare’s Opragon system are that we expect lower running costs for the system and hope for a more comfortable working environment for our OR staff. (…) The Opragon system has been in operation for two months in two of our operating theaters and we have already received initial spontaneous feedback from our employees. The surgeons praise the better working environment, the air is less pressing on your head.

– Christian Camponovo, Clinica Luganese Moncucco

Rijnstate Hospital, The Netherlands

The hybrid operating theater at Rijnstate, the hospital in Arnhem, the Netherlands, recently was released for treatment of patients. The request of the clinical specialists to combine the highest level in image guided systems with the highest level of hygiene initially seemed impossible to meet. Leading words that were used in the request were: bright, large, comfortable highest level in hygiene and flexible working space. As Opragon was specifically designed to be combined with Philips Azurion Flexarm, some confirmation as to the functionality of the system was needed. Innovation was a prerequisite for the entire new operating wing. So by creative thinking and implementing changes, we succeeded to integrate the two systems.

The result is the perfect integration between the highest level in image guided therapy systems with ultra-clean air in hybrid operating theaters. The hybrid operating theater has comfortable working environment, and a flexible working space, since the whole room is ultra-clean. 

“The new Hybrid OR is a more comfortable Hybrid OR compared to our older one. We feel no drought anymore. Additionally, the sterile area where we perform our work is more flexible and gives us more space.”

– Hans Blansjaar, Head of OKC Surgery at Rijnstate

“We succeeded thanks to the good cooperation between Rijnstate, Philips, Avidicare, Getinge, Van Wijnen, Croonwolter & dros and future users. We are very proud of the end result.”

– M.G.M. Mathijs Nijhof – Technichal specialist Croonwolter&dros

Construction facts

Number of ORs and instrument preparation rooms: 1 Hybrid theater, 14 ORs and 10 instrument prep rooms – installed in multiple projects.

  • Opragon 21 combined with Philips Azurion Flexarm in Hybrid theater
  • Construction partner: Van Wijnen
  • Structural engineer: ABT
  • Architect: VDNDP
  • Consultant: Croonwolter&dros B.V.
  • Project management: Croonwolter&dros B.V.
  • Medical device partner: Getinge & Philips
  • System operational since August 2020

Gävle Hospital, Sweden

Gävle hospital is one of the first clinics that chose to equip the complete surgical department with Opragon systems. This means installing the whole surgical suite from CSSD, instrument preparation rooms, corridors, standard operating rooms and hybrid rooms.

Construction facts

Number of ORs and instrument preparation rooms: 38 ORs in total – installed in multiple projects

  • 10 standard ORs and 10 instrument prep rooms + Day ORs
  • Hybrid room and Instrument prep room
  • 2 additional intervention lab with instrument prep room
  • CSSD and corridors

System operational since: 2010-2016 (Installations conducted in tranches)

“We chose Avidicare’s solution after we had a test installation with one operating room and one instrument prep room in the old surgical department in operation for a couple of years to evaluate the technology. We then decided to use the technology in our new surgery building. New technology, ultra-clean air in the entire operating room and good comfort for the staff were deciding factors in our choice of ventilation solution.”

— Torbjörn Henrikson, Representative of Gävle Hospital

Aesthetics Associates Centre, Buffalo, New York, USA

The Shatkin brothers Drs. Todd and Samuel are both surgeons with advanced Dental, Oral and Plastic Surgery as their respective specialities. They are also two driven entrepreneurs and many hundreds of medical professionals come to their clinic for training and practice each year. Their existing 13,000 sq. foot clinic was recently renovated and extended in size with an additional 15,000 sq. foot facility. Both their new OR and the refurbished existing OR are equipped with Opragon ventilation systems in order to provide the best care possible to their patients.

“Avidicare offers a system that has been proven in nearly two hundred installations in Europe. Research confirms its superior performance by using gravity instead of blowing air to make the room clean. We were looking for the best OR ventilation system available and Opragon was the answer. The sleek, modern styling looks fantastic as well.”

– Todd and Sam Shatkin, Aesthetics Associates Centre

Construction facts

Number of operating rooms: 2

  • 1 for advanced dental/oral surgery
  • 1 for advanced plastic surgery

System operational since: 2019

The Gynecology Clinic at Central Hospital in Kristanstad, Sweden

The Gynecology Clinic at Central Hospital in Kristanstad, Sweden, treats gynecological disease or gynecological problems. In addition, patients with endometriosis, prolapse, injuries after childbirth or cell changes are treated at the facility. The Central Hospital is part of the Region Skåne and is at the forefront when it comes to medical equipment and infection prevention. The gynecology clinic converted an older room into an operating room by installing Opragon In-a-Box. The installation took only a couple of days, and within a week the clinic was ready to perform surgical procedures in a room that had not been intended for surgery before. 

Construction facts

Opragon In-a-Box 5

Numbers of airshowers: 5

System operational since: February 2022

“To shorten the queues in healthcare that arose during the pandemic, we needed more rooms where we could perform safe interventions. Avidicare’s solution with Opragon In-a-Box solved so we could open a room for minor procedures, and thus treat patients quickly and safely. The ultra-clean zone ensures that the risk of infections during surgery are reduced.

– Malin Kjellén, Surgical Nurse

Specialistläkarna in Lund, Sweden

Specialistläkarna in Lund offers specialist care in surgery, gastrointestinal (endoscopic examinations), orthopedics, urology, and treatment of disorders in ear, nose, and throat.

The clinic is modern and equipped for examinations and treatments in each specialty.

It has installed Opragon In-a-Box in a surgery room to be able to perform minor interventions in an ultra-clean zone with reduced risk of infections. The ultra-clean air protects both patient and staff from airborne contaminants and makes the surgery safer for everyone involved. With Opragon In-a-Box the sterile zone is ultra-clean, and the risk of infections is reduced, both in terms of SSI and other airborne infections.

“With Opragon In-a-Box we have gained access to a room that has ultra-clean air in the zone over patient and surgeon. It is a comfortable environment in the room, and it feels safe to know that the air is clean, and you can perform the procedure safely for both the patient and medical staff.”

– Nicole Zaborowska, CEO

Construction facts

Opragon In-a-Box 5

Numbers of airshowers: 5

System operational since: July 2021

“We chose Avidicare AB because they had already delivered an instrument prep room that our staff was happy with from a working environment perspective. The cooperation worked extremely well during the record-fast remodelling time, where Avidicare AB was responsible for the entire performance contract. Avidicare’s delivery did a great job of living up to our requirements.”

— Andreea Calotescu, Project manager of Regionservice Skåne

A selection of the clinics where Opragon is installed

Leading academic hospitals and specialist clinics choose Opragon for ultra-clean air in the whole operating room. Opragon has a proven surgical staff satisfaction.

We can tell you more

The Avidicare team is open to presentation and in-depth discussion on how the Opragon system can make a difference for both patients and hospital staff.