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Erik Von Schenk, Born 1964

Chairman of the Board

Erik has been active in the life science sector since 1991. He has been serving as Vice President for CPR Products, which is part of Physio-Control Inc., since 2011. He previously served as CEO of Jolife AB for six years. Erik has also served as CEO of Jostra AB and was responsible for the company’s integration after being acquired by Getinge. Erik has held a number of senior positions at Gambro AB. Erik is also a board member of the medtech companies Xvivo AB, SensoDetect AB and Captera Medtech AB.

Ulf Lewander, Born 1966

Board Member

Ulf joined SEB Venture Capital in 1999. Prior to this, he worked as a client executive and account manager with corporate clients at SEB. Ulf received a B.S. in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University in 1992. He has participated in over 15 Venture Capital transactions and has been involved in successful exits such as Coresonic and PhaseIn.

Jonas Jendi, Born 1970

Board Member

Investment Manager (life science) at Industrifonden. Extensive experience from innovations and entrepreneurship in roles as management consultant, CEO, VP, board member as well as analyst/writer. M.Sc. in Marketing and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics.

Ulf Öster, Born 1951

Board Member

Founder, Portfolio Manager and Board member of Sensor Fonder AB, board member of Airsonett AB, board member of Meliora-Vision AB and board member of Investment AB Operabaren. Ulf has extensive experience in acting as financial advisor and investor in several start ups in the medtech sector. Ulf holds a degree of B.S. in Business Administration and Economics from University of Stockholm 1975.

Bengt Sjöholm, Born 1953

Board Member

Bengt has a long experience from the medtech industry. He held leading positions in the Getinge Group and was among other things involved in the start-up in Japan and Brazil. He was also CEO of Tylö Group as well as Movement Medical AB, an othopedic hospital now part of Capio AB. He is currently involved in a new concept for hospital managment called Hälsostaden.
Bengt is chairman of Köpingebaden Camping and board member of CELLINK AB, Handelstriangeln AB and Texor AB. He has a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Lund University / LTH.

Tommy Hedberg, Born 1955

Board Member

Tommy is Senior Advisor within a number of Life Science companies. He served as CEO for Atos Medical from 1998 to 2014, a company where he previously worked as VP of Marketing and Sales from 1990 to 1997 and later as V Chairman 2014-2016. He has extensive experience in international marketing and sales, clinical development, and product development in pharmaceuticals and medical technology companies such as Medscand AB and Janssen Pharma AB.
Tommy is also board chairman of Lindhe Xtend AB and board member of Chordate Medical AB, M-V Arterica AB and Cross Technology Solutions AB. He is also adviser for Isovox Medtech AB.

Andreas Pennervall, Born 1974

Alternate Director

Andreas joined SEB Venture Capital in 2006 and has been with SEB since 2000. Before joining Venture Capital, Andreas worked as an account manager with large corporate clients at SEB Merchant Banking. Andreas holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Umeå University, with studies at University of South Australia (Adelaide).

Lars Ingvarsson, Born 1952

Alternate Director

In the 1980s, Lars helped to found Nolato Medical. This led to him founding his own company, HaeMedic AB, in 1994. When HaeMedic was sold in 2007, Sifonen AB was started. Its subsidiary Klittersand, which focuses on local investments, is part owner of Avidicare AB.

Jonas Brambeck, Born 1958

Alternate Director

Jonas Brambeck started working for Industrifonden in 1998. Prior to that, he had spent five years in pharmaceutical research and ten years in sales, marketing, and management at international life science companies. Jonas has significant board experience having served on approximately 40 boards. Jonas holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from KTH.