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Avidicare Opragon is a unique ventilation system for ultra-clean air in operating theaters

  • Full flexibility to use the whole OR, as the whole room is ultra-clean
  • Protecting staff from surgical smoke and other airborne contaminants
  • Scientifically validated ultra-clean ventilation system
  • The temperature can be set to any level that is required by staff or the patient

The most comfortable system for surgical staff

The surgical staff need to have optimal working conditions to be able to perform their important roles. This creates a need for a thoroughly calibrated air conditioning and ventilation system. It is especially challenging to combine with the many air changes needed to perform safe surgery. The Opragon has a proven surgical staff satisfaction due to the minimal draught created when the air is released – not pushed – into the rooms. This leads to low noise level and next to no wind chill effect.

A superior ultra-clean ventilation system

TcAF and Opragon have undergone scientific studies in a number of different contexts. Statements regarding the medical need for ultra-clean Opragon systems are designed for installation in the false ceiling in ORs used for infection sensitive surgery. There are also versions available for hybrid ORs as well as instrument preparation rooms. The units are supplied with HEPA-filtered air from a standard external air handling unit equipped with a heating/cooling coil. The air is supplied to the room both in the central Opragon unit and in the peripherally placed airshowers.

The unique system supplies cooler air in the center than in the peripheral airshowers, which creates ultra-clean air in the whole room. This is made possible by effectively breaking the convection currents from the staff around the patient and actively transporting away the bacteria carrying particles before they can whirl around the room and contaminate the wound or the sterile instruments. In a complete Opragon installation (see example below), less than 5 cfu/m³. can be maintained in the surgical working area and less than 10 cfu/m³. in the whole room (provided that the other hygiene and clothing requirements are also met).

This means that you get at least 3-5x larger workspace than with a standard LAF system, which for you means more flexible working space in the OR.

Less airborne bacteria means less infections

An operating theater is filled with surgical staff, each of them shedding around 10,000 skin particles per minute. About 10% of these particles carry bacteria. Thus, each person sheds thousands of bacterial particles per minute.

Sir John Charnley performed a large scientific study of surgical site infections (SSI). Based on 6000+ patients, he saw that less bacteria in the OR air reduced SSI occurrence during orthopedic surgery – from 8% to 1%. Lidwell et al confirmed the findings with 8000 patients in several countries in a large study. In summary – less bacteria in the OR air leads to lower risk for SSIs.

More recently, the German university in Weiden published a paper on a before-and-after-study of an orthopedic clinic that installed Opragon ventilation (ICPIC 2019). All other infection prevention related matters remained the same. One thousand patients were recorded before the installation and another one thousand after, all of similar health status. The results were a reduction of SSI from 3% to 1% and a reduction in hospital lenght of stay from 11 to 8 days.

Avidicare Digital Services save time and money

Automating the monitoring of environmental conditions enables OR managers and the surgical team to focus on delivering world-class care. Three levels of service are available: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Be in control of the Environment

The Bronze level is a self-managed option that includes equipment and installation, access to live room status and historical information about vital parameters with a focus on minimizing airborne contamination.

Save Time and Work More Efficiently

The Silver service level includes extended graphical support to visualize data. Reports can automatically be generated on room climate which allow comparisons over specific periods of time.

You also get access to data such as door openings during a procedure or any time period. It includes notifications via SMS or email that can be sent to facilities and other staff outside the operating theater.

Let Us Do the Job!

The Gold level functional service guarantee provides continuous monitoring by Avidicare or a service partner and proactive service when a notification is received.

With Gold service the surgical department has 24/7 support. Avidicare will communicate with facilities personnel and ensure that the actions needed to restore normal operations are undertaken.

Opragon online Services


User portal

  • Overview of rooms/sites/regions
  • X X X
  • Storage of telemetry and system data
  • X X X
  • Standard cockpit view
  • X X X
  • Service level information
  • X X X
  • Status maintenance
  • X X X

Extended user portal

  • Report generation functionality
  • X X
  • Extended cockpit view
  • X X
  • Email and SMS notification
  • X X

Full digital service support

  • Surveillance from Avidicare
  • X
  • Notification of Opragon functionality restored
  • X

We can tell you more

The Avidicare team is open to presentation and in-depth discussion on how the Opragon system can make a difference for both patients and hospital staff.