Ultra-clean air in the whole operating room, great for patients and staff, but hard on bacteria.

Care givers all over the world are working hard to lower the risk for infections. We are helping you reach further and are committed to a vision taking you "Towards Zero Infections".

As a cutting edge medtech company based in Lund, Sweden, we have a leading position in the development of systems for managing airborne bacteria and virus contamination in hospitals. Our main product is the Opragon® ventilation system, which effectively creates and maintains ultra-clean air in the entire room by using our unique TAF technology (Temperature controlled AirFlow). It is known to also ensure comfortable working conditions, which improves patient safety, while saving energy. Currently, our systems have been installed in more than 120 operating rooms. The outstanding design ensures flexible installations even in the most difficult buildings. 



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Right now, Opragon® has saved health care
This saving equals the total electrical bill for Swedish houses, or ton CO2. As you may know, Opragon® delivers ultra-clean air using 30% less energy than conventional systems.

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