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The superior healthcare ventilation system – Towards zero infections

Customizable for any room

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Ultra-clean in the whole OR

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More than 350 installations

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Less bacteria means less infections

The Opragon OR ventilation system has a proven ability to reduce airborne bacteria levels.

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Ultra-clean ORs with less energy

The Opragon achieves ultra-clean conditions using 30% less energy than standard laminar airflow systems according to an article in the Journal of Hospital Infection (Oct 2017).

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Robust and comfortable ORs

World class healthcare requires both ultra-clean air and great working conditions.

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Opragon is a superior healthcare ventilation system

Avidicare is committed to the vision “Towards Zero Infections”. We are your expert partner within infection prevention and removal of airborne contaminants in your medical facilities. We offer you design support and customized ventilation solutions for any area where airborne contamination poses a risk to patients or staff. Our goal is to reduce airborne transmission of infections, increase comfort and save energy. The solutions are based on our patented Temperature-controlled AirFlow technology (TcAF), the first real innovation in airflow design for decades.

Today, there are more than 350 Opragon installations protecting patients and staff at leading academic hospitals and specialist clinics in Europe and in the United States. Since the first installation in 2007, there has been extensive scientific validation of the benefits of TcAF. This includes making the whole room an ultraclean workspace with a uniquely robust airflow, low energy use, high installation flexibility and excellent working conditions.

The system is customizable for any surgical workflow and clean hospital area including operating theaters, labs, CSSDs, ICUs, isolation rooms and pharmacies. A set of personal and digital services allow for lifelong reliability.

Avidicare holds five patents and is ISO-certified for quality and environment. The headquarter is based at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden.