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Opragon 8 for operating rooms

Opragon 8 creates an environment of ultra-clean air that prevents bacteria-carrying particles in the operating room from contaminating both the surgical site and the sterile instruments. Using our unique TcAF technology, the system’s eight air showers supply slightly cooled air to the center of room. The unique design in combination with the higher density of the cooler air ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient transport of air. This serves to break the convection currents created by the (warm) bodies of the staff, while at the same time preventing unnecessary turbulence. The ventilation system then actively transports the bacteria-carrying particles away before they have a chance to circulate in the operating room.

ultra-clean air
  • Full flexibility to use whole OR
  • Ultra-clean in the whole OR
  • Robust protection against airborne contaminants
  • Most comfortable ultra-clean ventilation for surgical staff

Download the product sheet for Opragon here.

Opragon 8 consists of a central core of vertical airflow which surrounds the operative zone, the sterile-clad staff, and the patient. The system supplies slightly cooled, HEPA-filtered air (class H14) from an external air treatment unit equipped with a heating and cooling battery. The Opragon system is mounted in the ceiling of the instrument prep room or the hybrid operating room. It can be connected either from above or from the sides and with circular or rectangular ducts, whatever best suits the conditions of the room. The best setup is for the ceiling bracket of the surgical lamps to be positioned asymmetrically outside of the central Opragon 8, which is possible since the Opragon 8 only uses a moderat ceiling area. This way, the downward airflow is disrupted as little as possible by the lamps. Inside the operating room, the external air showers are evenly spaced in the ceiling around the Opragon 8. This part of the system dilutes the number of bacteria-carrying particles and reduces the number of bacteria in the air. 

Opragon 8 is easily integrated in the ceiling of a room, without having to tap into the existing ventilation system of the building. For new construction, the solution is installed together with other parts of the ventilation system for the surgical department. The number of connections, their form, and their positioning are customized for each project.

The most comfortable system for surgical staff

The surgical staff need to have optimal working conditions to be able to perform their important roles. This creates a need for a thoroughly calibrated air conditioning and ventilation system. It is especially challenging to combine with the many air changes needed to perform safe surgery. The Opragon has a proven surgical staff satisfaction due to the minimal draught created when the air is released – not pushed – into the rooms. This leads to low noise level and next to no wind chill effect.

We help you design the optimal operating rooms

We are your partner within infection prevention. With many years of experience, and extended partnership, we are experts in designing ventilation in high-demanding environments. Opragon is a scientifically validated system, and with a patented technology.

We can tell you more

The Avidicare team is open to presentation and in-depth discussion on how the Opragon 8 system can make a difference for both patients and hospital staff.