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Avidicare AB has implemented a GDPR routine based on the overall privacy policy document available at (

If you press send in the contact form then you provide your consent that Avidicare AB can store your name and email address with the sole purpose of developing a dialogue to investigate mutual collaboration opportunities. Your personal data will not be used in any other purpose apart from informing about Avidicare products and services. Your personal data will not be shared with a third party in any way. Your personal data will be stored in a safe and secure manner. You have the right to be forgotten at all times by contacting us here. You have the right according to article 12-15 in the data protection law (GDPR) to without cost, once per calendar year, after a written request to Avidcare AB receive an overview of which personal data that is stored and how this personal data is handled. You also have the right to, according to article 16 and 19 of the GDPR directive to demand correction of your personal data that Avidicare has stored. 

Please learn more on the Swedish agency for data protection and compliance.


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Medicon Village
Scheelevägen 2
223 81 Lund

Medicon Village
Scheeletorget 1
223 81 LUND