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May 23, 2024

Avidicare has supplied a second Opragon to Rochester, NY! – Follow the installation step-by-step

The outstanding results from the first installation at URMC made it an easy decision to opt for Opragon once again.

Approximately a year ago, the initial installation was completed at the nearby Ambulatory Center at URMC. Given the exceptional outcomes and high satisfaction among staff, management chose to install Opragon again when renovation was required for one of the operating rooms at Strong Memorial Hospital.

“We were enthusiastic about equipping one of our existing operating rooms with Opragon when the opportunity to renovate materialized. The ventilation system not only fosters a very comfortable and effective working environment, but Avidicare also provided for quick delivery and installation, allowing the construction team to stay on schedule.”

Mark Schwartz, Facility Director at URMC

Installing new technology can be challenging, particularly within an existing building. A flexible solution is necessary, one that considers the building’s construction and limitations. What sets Opragon apart from traditional ultra-clean ventilation systems is its flexibility. It requires as little as 12 inches for plenum installation, providing a fully functional operating theater for infection-sensitive surgeries!

Follow the installation step-by-step below.

Before demolition.

An operating room in need of modernization and renovation after a water leak.

During the demolition process.

All damaged material is removed, and preparations are made to install new technology. 

Delivery of Opragon.

Here we go! Opragon is easily transported into the current OR.

Installation of Opragon.

Opragon is attached to the ceiling with threaded rods.

Installation of Opragon.

A separate air duct connects to the plenum, the central unit. Separate ducts are used for external airshowers, to be able to regulate the temperature in the room.

Almost done!

The ceiling and lighting are being installed, and soon the OR is ready to use.

The installation is complete! 

Prior to the OR being utilized, Opragon undergoes thorough technical testing and validation to ensure that the temperature-controlled airflow functions optimally. Now, URMC in Rochester boasts another OR equipped with the highest level of hygiene and a comfortable working environment characterized by low noise and minimal ventilation draughts.

“We are very pleased that URMC has chosen Avidicare and Opragon for its latest project. We are proud of our fine collaboration, and that Opragon lives up to the hospital’s expectations of a modern and ultra-clean ventilation system.”

Peter Höjerback, CEO, Avidicare

Our heartfelt wishes to URMC, and congratulations for the establishment of a safe and secure operating room, benefitting both patients and staff alike!

Are you intrigued by how Opragon could enhance your clinic’s operating rooms or curious about its installation process for your project? Feel free to reach out to us. With over 15 years of expertise in infection prevention, we offer complimentary design solutions for both new constructions and renovations.