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Aug 15, 2023

Avidicare is recruiting a new Sales Manager in Sweden

We are happy to announce that Joakim Lindström will start as Sales Manager for Sweden this week. Joakim has a background in technical sales at, among others, Fläkt Woods, and most recently came from a position as Key Account Manager at Honeywell. As a trained operating engineer from Lund University of Technology (LTH) and with his many years of experience in both property automation and ventilation, we are convinced that the customers will get a very knowledgeable and experienced person for the development of future projects.

Joakim succeeds Bengt Hjertberg, who after many years at Avidicare is retiring in early autumn. It has been fantastic years where, thanks to Bengt, Opragon went from being an exotic innovation for ultra-clean operating room ventilation in Sweden to a market-leading solution.

Joakim takes over both new and ongoing projects for which Bengt was responsible. Together with our specialists in the Swedish team, Henrik Skredsvik, Julius Hjelm and Felix Pålsson, they help customers with ultra-clean, comfortable and energy-efficient ventilation.

Welcome Joakim!

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