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Aug 18, 2022

The almost impossible now floats in the atrium courtyard at the surgical department at OLVG East location, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The two new hybrid rooms, which are masterpieces themselves, have been opened and put into use at OLVG in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The rooms, which from the beginning the hospital did not seem to have space for, now float in the atrium courtyard directly adjacent to the existing OR department.

In the construction of the two hybrid halls, sustainability and recycling have been in focus. Among other things, the hybrid halls are covered with materials made from recycled PET bottles, and the floating effect is even greater because the halls look like clouds from the outside. 

The new ORs fill the space between the existing walls and have therefore acquired an exceptionally large size. To get ultra-clean in the giant rooms, the hospital has chosen to install Opragon, which ensures that the entire room is provided with HEPA-filtered ultra-clean air, with less energy consumption than traditional ventilation system requires. In addition, this Opragon installation is perfectly developed together with Philips Azurion FlexArm, to ensure that the room is ultra-clean during the entire procedure, if you need to perform open surgery in the room.

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At the end of 2018, the hospital’s board appointed a project group to realize the construction of the hybrid rooms. Milan Cuylits, Construction project manager at OLVG, says: “The project had to be done in the short term, as part of a construction team, with parties with whom we have worked together before and of whom we know what they can do.” Letty Koopman, Operational Manager of the OR complex at OLVG, was also part of that team. Koopman says: “Milan knows a lot about construction, I know about the OR process. Together we know more, otherwise you cannot carry out such a project properly. Then you run the risk that something will be delivered that the user may not be able to handle.”

Because the schedule was tight, the project team chose to build a mock-up on a scale of 1:1, and where selected personnel were allowed to participate in the design and selection of equipment. When the group was satisfied with the result the same contractors were chosen who were already involved in the construction team to ensure that what has been conceived could be built.

” In the operating room we do not have a traditional plenum that blows in the clean air, but the Opragon system. These are spheres spread over the ceiling, so that the entire OR is clean and you are protected everywhere. And for the staff, that also creates a more pleasant working environment.”

– Letty Koopman, Operational Manager OR, OLVG
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The interior finishing of the operating rooms has been designed and constructed by Cleanroom Combination Group, to ensure the highest quality and equipment. The new solid surface wall system of CCG is used for the first time in these OR’s.

The new hybrid operating rooms are a state-of-the-art extension of OLVG’s OR capacity. In a hybrid operating room, a traditional operating room is combined with built-in X-ray equipment. Koopman says: “Here we perform minimally invasive procedures, the complicated vascular surgery. These operations are less stressful for the patient, the length of stay is considerably shorter, and the procedures can often be performed as a day treatment. There are more and more procedures that require this equipment. We therefore expect these hybrid operating rooms to run full-time.”

We from Avidicare wish OLVG best of success with their two new top-modern hybrid ORs!

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