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Sep 28, 2021

Digital Services for Less Risk of Airborne Infections

The pandemic exposed the limitations of conventional hospital ventilation to protect both patients and healthcare workers from the risk of airborne contaminants. The indoor air quality is essential for minimizing risk of infections.

Our Opragon family of ventilation systems are designed to address the threat of airborne contaminants and are based on an innovative and patented technology called Temperature-controlled Airflow (TcAF). By providing air at a few degrees below room temperature, gravity ensures that contaminations are swept down and away. Its robustness and very high energy efficiency come from the unique use of temperature to control the airflow. 

Opragon Online – the Safer and Smarter OR

Powered by the high-security Opragon Online, data from your installation is collected and analyzed to support you with infection prevention and efficient operations. They give you as an OR manager everything from better monitoring all the way to the opportunity to completely focus on patient safety and saving time.

“With Opragon Online, I have a better understanding of our ventilation system. Now I have full control that our patients are operated in ultra-clean air and can thus minimize airborne infections. I can see our operating rooms from my office, and I can see in reports, for example, how many times we have opened the door.

Together with Avidicare, we have developed the digital service called Gold – Functional Guarantee, which is very valuable for Akutläkarna. With Gold, Avidicare helps us monitor the Opragon system, which saves me time and I can focus on patients. When Avidicare’s professional service organization has proposed improvements, we have been able to carry them out together.”

— Lotta Stenlund, Head of Operations Unit, Akutläkarna Gothenburg

Opragon Online Digital Services are based on secure cloud-based technologies which enable remote monitoring 24/7.  With Opragon Online you obtain data on door openings and other critical environmental as well as behavioral parameters. You receive status reports and notifications of any alarms – all with a focus on infection prevention for OR management. The reports support quality, risk management, performance improvements and compliance. Dashboards delivered to your desktops enhance the understanding of conditions across rooms, departments, sites, and regions.  

“We really want to help our customers protect both patients and staff from airborne contaminants. With Opragon Online and Customer Improvement Services, we are always by their side helping them improve and stay safe.”

— Peter Höjerback, CEO, Avidicare

Avidicare services support you and increase the value of your investment

In addition to Opragon system, Avidicare offers a wide range of services to prevent infections within your medical facility. The service offering is flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

Educational Services provide training of how the Opragon system works and how the risk of airborne infections can be reduced, through the combination of technology and behavior. The services also include training in the use of Opragon Online as well as customized training. 

Development Services help you to optimally integrate the Opragon system into the critical rooms of your medical facility as well as specific customizations of the digital services. We know that all buildings and customers are unique!

Maintenance Services ensure that the Opragon system is functioning optimally. Together with partners, we help you with system inspections, microbial and particle measurements, and replacement of filters and airshowers.

Customer Improvement Services are provided under the brand Opragon Online and consist of the digital services that help you secure your daily operations by gaining better control, but also improving processes and working more efficiently. Three levels of digital services are available to provide increasing opportunities for improvement.  

Please contact us for more information about how we can work together Towards Zero Infections.