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May 12, 2021

Avidicare announces new partnership in Italy

In the wake of the pandemic, hospitals all over the world have found weaknesses in their infrastructure. It has been very difficult to protect both staff and patients from airborne infections, which has led to many deaths and closing of clinics. Italy was among the countries hardest hit and there is a genuine demand for new and better solutions.

We are very pleased to announce our new partnership in Italy. Together with Medical Lab System (MLS) we will introduce Opragon to Italian hospitals and healthcare facilities. Their work will be supported by our leading experts in technical sales and design in order to customize the best solution for each project. 

MLS has been delivering innovative solutions in the area of prefabrication systems and interior design for over 15 years. MLS applies its extensive knowledge to the supply of turnkey solutions for operating rooms, intensive care units, dental clinics, labs, clean rooms, and other hospital areas that require flexibility, maintainability, hygiene, adaption to new technologies for a high-quality product. 

We look forward to a great collaboration with Medical Lab System delivering Opragon as part of their outstanding turnkey solutions along with local support and services to the Italian healthcare market.

Together Towards Zero Infections!