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Nov 24, 2020

Improving the Comfort and Safety of Surgical Personnel with Temperature-controlled Air Flow Technology

The modern operating room is a complex, high-risk environment where critical parameters must be managed to protect the safety of the patient. 

An important, but often overlooked, aspect of conventional ventilation systems is the impact they have on the comfort, safety and performance of the surgical team. 

Many OR ventilation systems produce drafts and noise which have been shown to create distraction and discomfort. More importantly, surgical staff are exposed to airborne hazards including bacteria, virues, gases and contaminants from surgical smoke which may not be adequately controlled.  The emergence of Covid-19 has raised additional concern related to the adequacy of conventional ventilation to protect personnel from the risk of airborne contamination.  These impacts warrant attention from the perspective of occupational health as well as the real and perceived ability of surgical staff to perform the complex, high-stakes tasks associated with modern surgery. 

Avidicare hosts another webinar on the topic on the 13th of January, 3PM EDT. Register and join here!

This presentation will introduce participants to the science of Temperature-controlled Air Flow technology which has been shown to provide more comfortable conditions for operating room personnel as well as reduce surgical site infection.

 Learning objectives;

  • Discuss the role of operating room ventilation in providing for the comfort and safety of surgical personnel.
  • Explain the limitations of current approaches to operating room ventilation. 
  • Explore Temperature-controlled Air Flow technology as an alternative to conventional ventilation systems.

Presenter: Kathy Warye, CEO Infection Prevention Partners

If you are interested in learning more about Working Environment Comfort and Safety, please take a look at the Scientific Evidence page on our website. TcAF and Opragon have undergone scientific studies in a number of different contexts. Statements regarding the medical need for ultra-clean air in Operating Rooms, the correlation between lower bacteria levels and lower SSI rates as well as statements related to the performance of Opragon are all supported by several pieces of scientific evidence.

An extensive list of all scientific literature – in total 45 pieces – that supports Opragon is available here