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Jun 26, 2018

Getting the hospital you deserve

The Dutch health-care magazine FMT has interviewed key stakeholders at the leading orthopedic clinic SMK, who share the story of the integrated ORs from Avidicare and Optimus.

That Opragon has been chosen for an orthopedic hospital is an outstanding choice. It was mainly guided by the positive experiences of Swedish hospitals. Koen Defoort, orthopedic surgeon at SMK: “We went to see Opragon in Swedish hospitals in which implantations are being carried out on a large scale. The experiences were unanimously positive with low infection rates. What further convinced us were the bacteriological measurements – and not with particle counts. The results were very favorable. We already have low infection rates (1-1.5%) and we are convinced that these can certainly be achieved in the new ORs and may be improved somewhat.”

Prof Mark van Houdenhoven, chairman of the executive board at SMK, concludes: “We are working very hard with a lot of people, our position is that every hospital gets the hospital that it deserves.” To learn more, check this link.