We collaborate with partners and specialised sub-suppliers that contribute to sales, design, installation and support of the unique Opragon OR ventilation system. This page includes an introduction to this ecosystem. Please contact us if you wish to be part of our growing network of partners around the world.  

Partners and companions overview

Research partners

The Opragon system is based on scientific validation by world renowned research institutions. We are proud to work closely with the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Lund University (LU) and the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule in Weiden, Germany. These collaborations are important parts of the scientific validation and continued development of the Opragon system.

Architects and Hospital Designers

The architects and hospital designers are vital stakeholders in the planning phase of new and renovated hospitals. Their knowledge on how the hospital processes work and can be implemented in practise are very valuable. We have established relationships with such hospital-focused architectural firms in both Europe and North America.  


The past years’ international expansion has been achieved with a combination of direct sales through our salesforce as well as distribution partner collaborations. The distributors are national medical infrastructure experts in selected markets. This leads to an efficient market access process and fast local support and services for our customers. Medexs in the Netherlands is a recently added distribution partner that has resulted in many new Opragon installations at leading hospitals. 

System integrators

The system integrators offer complete ORs as a “plug-in solution” including pre-fabricated parts as well as are installation on site.  


Opragon systems are installed by knowledgeable HVAC firms that ensure that the Opragon systems work smoothly in line with our guidelines and directions. The Swedish firms Climat 80 and Ventilator are two partner examples within this part of the value chain.  

HVAC firms

The HVAC partners safeguard the correct specifications and delivery of air that enables the unique Opragon system functionality for temperature controlled unidirectional airflow. The main components include Air Handing Units, filters, cooling/heating units, sensors and integration with building management systems. Examples of firms include Camfill, Systemair, Unica and their respective technical partners.

HVAC design consultants 

Some technical design consultants put together the complete HVAC design for the hospital integrating components from Avidicare and HVAC firms. Examples include firms like Royal Haaskonig and Deerns in the Netherlands along with Sweco and ÅF in Sweden.

Measurement services firms

The operating room air must be maintained at ultra­-clean levels at all times. We therefore offer in-house measurement experts that conduct bacteria measurements in operating rooms on a regular basis. Such measurements are also part of the standard validation of all Opragon systems. There are also quality approved measurement firms working with Avidicare on different markets, such as Royal Haaskonig. 

OEM manufacturers

We are working together and alongside with medical device OEMs and medical infrastructure providers. The current market trends are moving towards major medical device suppliers assuming full solution responsibility for the development and construction of ORs. We are therefore actively bundling the Opragon system with OEMs in this context. This allows for better overall OR solutions meeting the demands of healthcare professionals, hospital management and patients. 


The Opragon system is installed in both renovations and new hospital constructions. Our construction and builder partners are important for success in both situations.

Walls and modules

There are specialist suppliers of OR walls and modules. HT Group is one example of partners in this part of the value chain. 

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