Our clients

We can boast that our entire surgical department uses Opragon, which means that our operating rooms have ultra-clean air that minimizes the risk for infections.
— Ronnie Pettersson, CEO of Art Clinic

We chose Avidicare’s solution after we had a test installation with one operating room and one instrument prep room in the old surgical department in operation for a couple of years to evaluate the technology. We then decided to use the technology in our new surgery building. New technology, ultra-clean air in the entire operating room and good comfort for the staff were deciding factors in our choice of ventilation solution.
— Torbjörn Henrikson, Representative of Gävle Hospital

We chose Avidicare AB because they had already delivered an instrument prep room that our staff was happy with from a working environment perspective. The cooperation worked extremely well during the record-fast remodelling time, where Avidicare AB was responsible for the entire performance contract. Avidicare’s delivery did a great job of living up to our requirements.
— Andreea Calotescu, Project manager of Regionservice Skåne