Opragon - an air ventilation system for ultra-clean air and superior comfort using less energy

Opragon is an innovative ventilation system that has been developed to reduce the risk of infection during surgery and create ultra-clean air in the whole operating room. The system is based on a revolutionary combination of the classic mixed ventilation (which dilutes the number of bacteria-carrying particles) in the periphery of the room and a uni-directional flow in the middle of the room. The principle is called Temperature controlled AirFlow technology (TAF, or TcAF). With TAF, Opragon generates a superior level of purity throughout the whole operating room. Supplying slightly cooled air in a zone around the operating table, while evenly spaced external airshowers regulate the temperature of the room, Opragon creates an ultra-clean environment. There are currently  more than 120 installations and the performance of the system has been scientifically validated (see News section). 

Watch how Opragon works to reduce the concentration of bacteria-carrying particles:

Opragon 8 for operating rooms

 A product image of Opragon

Unique technology for ultra-clean air in operating rooms

Opragon 8 creates an environment of ultra-clean air that prevents bacteria-carrying particles in the operating room from contaminating both the surgical site and the sterile instruments. Using our unique TAF technology, the system's eight air showers supply slightly cooled air to the center of room. The unique design in combination with the higher density of the cooler air ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient transport of air. This serves to break the convection currents created by the (warm) bodies of the staff, while at the same time preventing unnecessary turbulence. The ventilation system then actively transports the bacteria-carrying particles away before they have a chance to circulate in the operating room.

Opragon 8 consists of a central core of vertical airflow which surrounds the operative zone, the sterile-clad staff, and the patient. The system isupplies slightly cooled, HEPA-filtered air (class H14) from an external air treatment unit equipped with a heating and cooling battery. The Opragon system is mounted in the ceiling of the instrument prep room or the hybrid operating room. It can be connected either from above or from the sides and with circular or rectangular ducts, whatever best suits the conditions of the room. The best setup is for the ceiling bracket of the surgical lamps to be positioned asymmetrically outside of the central Opragon 8, which is possible since the Opragon 8 only uses a moderat ceiling area. This way, the downward airflow is disrupted as little as possible by the lamps. Inside the operating room, the external air showers are evenly spaced in the ceiling around the Opragon 8. This part of the system dilutes the number of bacteria-carrying particles and reduces the number of bacteria in the air. 

Opragon 8 is easily integrated in the ceiling of a room, without having to tap into the existing ventilation system of the building. For new construction, the solution is installed together with other parts of the ventilation system for the surgical department. The number of connections, their form, and their positioning are customised for each project.

-> Download the product sheet for Opragon 8.

Opragon for hybrid operating rooms

 Picture of Opragon air systems

Radiology and intervention in the same room

The area of diagnostics and simultaneous intervention is developing at a rapid pace. Since a transfer from a radiology department to a surgical department exposes the patient to airborne bacteria, there is a growing demand to be able to perform examinations and procedures in the same room. This places greater demands on air purity than is possible to achieve in a radiology department.

Opragon is a great addition to an operating room, creating an environment of ultra-clean air. The system prevents airborne contamination of the operative zone, sterile-clad staff and sterile instruments, while at the same time making it possible to perform both medical imaging and surgery on the patient in the same room.

It was previously more difficult to achieve the same hygiene level for the air in a hybrid operating room as in a standard operating room. The ceiling of a hybrid operating room is normally so full of installations that there is not enough space for a traditional LAF ceiling. This problem is simply and flexibly resolved with Opragon for hybrid operating rooms. The Opragon system is installed in the ceiling and is combined with a moveable, ceiling-mounted C-arm, which slides back and forth in the ceiling-mounted rail system. Opragon is installed outside of the ceiling-mounted rail, which leaves plenty of room for other equipment. The system produces a consistent level of less than 10 CFU/m3 in the entire hybrid operating room. The number of connections, their type, and their positioning are customised for each project.

-> Download the product sheet for Opragon for hybrid operating rooms.

Opragon 5 and 6 for instrument prep rooms

 Image of operating theatre with Opragon ventilation system

Unique technology for safe handling of sterile items in instrument prep rooms

Instrument prep rooms are becoming more and more common as a way to increase productivity and safely lay out sterile-packaged instruments and other items so they are ready for use in surgery. As surgical departments are being constructed and renovated, a desire for such rooms is being voiced. To meet this need, we have developed Opragon 5 and 6 for safe handling of sterile items in instrument prep rooms.

Just as the larger Opragons, the Opragon 5 and 6 create an environment of ultra-clean air in the instrument prep rooms. TAF prevents airborne contamination of sterile instruments as they are being laid out for use.

An Opragon 5 and 6 system includes a central circular main unit and 2-4 external air showers. A central core of vertical, laminar airflow surrounds the instrument prep table with the sterile instruments and the sterile-clad staff. The system is integrated with other parts of the ventilation system servicing the surgical department. The system can be connected from above or from the side, and with circular or rectangular ducts. The number of connections, their form, and their positioning are customised for each project.

Opragon 5
Recommended when planning one instrument prep room per operating room. The installation is suited for small sterile instrument prep rooms with space for two individuals to lay out sterile instruments for use. 

Opragon 6
Recommended when planning one instrument prep room per two operating rooms. Like Opragon 5, the installation is designed for one sterile instrument prep room for two individuals, but has slightly larger floor space.

Custom configurations
Recommended for cases where for instance one instrument prep room will be used for three to four operating rooms. Here, two teams (i.e. four individuals) can work in parallel to lay out sterile instruments for use. Each team then has its own zone.

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