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Antibiotic resistance scares mighty G20 countries

The powerful G20 countries for the first time ever gathered their ministers of health last week. Representing two thirds of the world’s population and 85% of the global economy, the ministers agreed to develop national action plans to stop antibiotic resistance. The meeting was initiated by Germany and global health is from now on a constant on the G20 agenda.

"Antibiotics are one of the most important achievements of modern medicine in the fight against infectious diseases and when it comes to safeguarding surgical procedures. Our ability to fight bacterial infections is, however, increasingly being placed in jeopardy or even becoming impossible due to the global rise in especially dangerous pathogens. If we do not act now, together and across the world, we are heading for a post-antibiotic era. And that will have dramatic consequences for us all." [German Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe]

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Certified to new ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

Avidicare now meets the revised and more comprehensive requirements of the most recent versions of the ISO quality and environment standards (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015). Our customers cannot compromise on quality since our products are about saving lives and reducing suffering. This is why 9001 matters. And just like us, they want to keep our planet healthy, which explains why it is important to live up to 14001. Together, we can make the world better. And we are glad that our efforts are sincere enought to earn the new certifications. Learn more here.

Antibiotic resistance named "top scare" along with climate change

Antibiotic resistance is now seen as the main threat along with climate change by Swedes. This was the result of the 2017 SOM Institute national survey that monitors public sentiment on key issues. The increased concern was substantial compared to previous years and by far the largest change (+60%). Avidicare believes that this trend will increase the need for the health care sector to be vigilant in its measure for infection control as well as keeping the prescription rate of antibiotics very low. It will also be interesting to see how this trend manifests itself in other countries where the actual infection rates from multiresistant bacteria already - and almost without exception - are way higher.

Germany intensifies tracking of post-operative infections

With the objective to reduce nosocomial infections (especially postoperative surgical site infections), the Gemeinsame Bundesausschuss (G-BA) in Berlin has implemented a new national register to document all surgical site infections. Learn more here. To learn more about how the Opragon system from Avidicare helps you to minimize bacteria levels in your operating room, click here.

Antibiotic resistance - fighting a war without an army

Six times more peopled die in hospital-acquired infections (HAI) than in traffic, yet so little is invested to fight it, according to Life Science Sweden. Many tools that combat HAI are well known and the costs of infection are huge to both patients and our societies. It is time to act! Learn more here.

Sweden keeps investing in fight against multi-resistant bacteria

”Sweden keeps investing in fight against multi-drug resistant bacteria” We are happy to see that the Swedish National Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics gets support for five more years. Their courses are highly relevant and both researchers and we at Avidicare need to be on the forefront of knowledge to fight the threats from especially airborne contaminations. 

Breakthrough on Dutch market

Breakthrough on Dutch market  - the first patients have now been operated at the St Jansdal hospital. It is the first in Holland to have installed a full world-class operating room complex featuring Avidicare's ultra-clean air system. The system - called Opragon - was selected because it ensures optimal hygiene and workspace that covers the entire room, according to hospital representatives. Read more here:

Opragon inside historic hospital building

”Art and technology meet as Avidicare fits its ultraclean OP-ventilation system, Opragon inside the historic hospital building at Sophiahemmet in Stockholm. The Opragon was uniquely adaptable to fit inside this very special building.” 


Positiv inspektion av arbetsmiljöverket!

Ännu en lyckad inspektion avklarad! En trevlig och positiv inspektion av arbetsmiljöverket ledde till slutsatsen att Avidicares arbetsmiljöarbete överträffade förväntningarna. Vi är tacksamma för den konstruktiva dialogen under inspektionen som kommer att leda oss framåt och bidra till en hållbar och säker arbetsmiljö. Tack till alla involverade.