Selected customer cases

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Flevo Hospital, the Netherlands

Following the rapid growth of the city of Almere, the centrally located Flevo hospital initiated a total renovation of its operating complex. Opragon was selected for their operating rooms since it ensures ultra-clean conditions that minimize the risk of infection. It is also very silent and comfortable for the surgical team, while allowing for unique flexibility of the procedures inside the operating room since even the periphery of the operating room is kept ultra-clean.  

Customer testimonial

“We chose Opragon because it is silent, very comfortable and it allows us to plan the work in the operating room with more flexibility",
-Joke Wimenga, project director and head of technical services at the Flevo Hospital. 

Construction facts

Number of ORs and instrument preparation rooms: 4 ORs and 4 instrument preparation rooms

System operational since: December 2018

Construction partners: Van Wijnen

Installation company: Van Galen

Project management: Avidicare/Medexs and Flevo hospital project team


Clinica Luganese Moncucco, Lugano, Switzerland

Clinica Luganese Moncucco is a non-profit acute private health institution situated in the beautiful city of Lugano. The clinic is working continuously to adapt to the needs of the times and to evolve with them, paying special attention to technical and scientific progress. They chose the Opragon 8 system for their operating rooms in a new construction in 2018. This is the first Opragon installation in Switzerland. 

Customer testimonial

Two main reasons for choosing Avidicare's Opragon system are that we expect lower running costs for the system and hope for a more comfortable working environment for our OR staff. (…) The Opragon system has been in operation for two months in two of our operating theaters and we have already received initial spontaneous feedback from our employees. The surgeons praise the better working environment, the air is less pressing on your head. "
-Christian Camponovo - Clinica Luganese Moncucco

Construction facts

Number of ORs and instrument preparation rooms: Totally 4 OR, all equipped with Opragon.

System operational since: July 2018

Construction partners: Tech-Insta SA, Taverene

Architect: Medplan Engineering AG, Schaffhausen

Consultant(s): Siemens SvizzeraSA, Camorino

Project management: Visan iRusconi Taller iSA, Taverene

Medical device partner: KLS Martin, Getinge/Maquet, Integromed GmbH


Gävle Hospital, Sweden

Gävle hospital is one of the first clinics that chose to equip the complete surgical department with Opragon systems. This means installing the whole surgical suite from instrument preparation rooms, standard operating rooms and hybrid rooms. 

Customer testimonial

“We chose Avidicare’s solution after we had a test installation with one operating room and one instrument prep room in the old surgical department in operation for a couple of years to evaluate the technology. We then decided to use the technology in our new surgery building. New technology, ultra-clean air in the entire operating room and good comfort for the staff were deciding factors in our choice of ventilation solution”.
-Torbjörn Henrikson, Representative of Gävle Hospital

Construction facts

Number of ORs and instrument preparation rooms:

38 ORs in total - installed in multiple projects

  • 10 standard ORs and 10 instrument prep rooms + Day ORs

  • Hybrid room and Instrument prep room

  • 2 additional intervention lab with instrument prep room

System operational since: 2010-2016 (Installations conducted in tranches)