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Oct 13, 2021

The indoor air quality is finally in focus!

If we would have to choose one good thing that comes out from this pandemic, it would be the focus on indoor air quality. With Covid-19 spreading through aerosols, whirling around in all areas, the concept of Healthy Buildings has become top of mind.

In an article published in Wired, the author highlights the importance of the indoor air quality. Not only because it allows us to focus better while avoiding fatigue and dullness, but also because it impacts our general health. With tight and sealed buildings, we do cannot benefit from the freshness of the outdoor air. So modern energy-efficient buildings demand modern ventilation!

Sanitizing surfaces and washing hands will always play an important role in reducing the risks of infections. What has become apparent is that we now also must design ventilation that can handle transmission of airborne contaminants in all kinds of buildings. 

The innovative ventilation solutions from Avidicare have been scientifically validated to minimize the risk of infections. We have extensive knowledge in how to ensure high quality indoor air in the medical facilities’ most critical areas, where ultra-clean air is required and necessary for both patients and staff! 

Contact us for support on how to make your medical facility healthy – Together towards zero infections.