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Mar 10, 2021

Behind the scenes of a Technical Release

Once Opragon is installed there is an established procedure to make sure that everything works correctly, and to ensure that the ventilation is keeping the air ultra-clean.

Before surgery can start in the newly built or renovated operating theater Avidicare follows a protocol, a technical release. The steps in the protocol will be performed, evaluated and put together in a report for the customer.

The first step is to make sure that the air under the central unit is 1,5-2 degrees cooler than the average temperature of the room. This is regulated with the control algorithm, that makes sure that central air is pushed down by gravity, to avoid airborne particles and aerosols to whirl around in the area above the patient and instrument tables. Gravity helps to reduce any vortices, or “bacteria traps”, between surgeon and wound since it “pushes” down air to the floor.

To be able to see that the air is moving in the right way smoke is released above the operating table, and in the periphery as seen in the videos.

Speed of air is measured with an impeller anemometer, to make sure that the air is moving downwards by gravity and that enough air is released into the room in terms of airflow (or airchanges per hour, ACH).

After checking the airspeed and air movement, it is time to ensure that HEPA filters are correctly sealed, so particles won’t be released into the operating room. This measurement is performed with a particle counter machine 5 times and lasts for 1 minute per measurement.

A few weeks after the room has been put into use, Avidicare measures airborne bacteria levels, often called CFU levels, during ongoing surgery. An active air sampler is placed in the wound area, on the instrument table and in the periphery, and levels of colony forming units (CFUs) are measured for about 50-60 minutes, completely according to TS-39 specification. The result from the measurement is presented in a report, with details of number of persons in the room, the number of door openings and the procedure specified. This is a great way to see that the whole room is ultra-clean and if anything in the surgical process can improve.

The procedure mentioned above is developed to make sure that the Opragon system works correctly and ensure that the HVAC system is tight and sealed. 

We are pleased to offer measurements and inspections of the Opragon on an annual basis, together with replacement of airshowers. Talk to us to get a proposal on how we can work Towards Zero Infections together!